How Morales stays in power

Evo Morales is likely to claim his judicially sanctioned right to run for office a fourth time, and his party will have to be satisfied with solidifying its fractious base just long enough to get him voted in. Evo Morales declared, before being sworn in as Bolivia's president in January 2006, that he would ‘lead by obeying' (mandar obedeciendo); a slogan borrowed from Mexico's Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos . It was a sign he intended his presidency to be a collaboration with the social (...)

- 2018/08 /

Response to Pierre Bourdieu

In April 1996, we published a text by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu in which he analysed his own participation to a show – ‘Arrêt sur images' – and questioned the nature and the workings of television, and the capacity of that mass medium to criticise itself. In our democracies of opinion, while the media exercises such a powerful influence, such questioning is obviously political. Daniel Schneidermann, the producer of the programme in question – which is rare in France for doing the (...)

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Lebanon fouls the Mediterranean

Lebanon's government suspended trash collection in 2015. Contractors shifted the waste, some of it toxic, to coastal dumps. Over a million tonnes sit on the shore. One January morning this year, after a stormy night, Zouk Mosbeh beach was entirely covered in rubbish. This environmental and health disaster 12km from Beirut triggered a war of words between politicians: some claimed the garbage had been carried downstream by rivers from mountain villages controlled by the (Christian) Kataeb (...)

- 2018/09 /

Iraq's demographic time bomb

What began as peaceful protests on 1 October morphed into chaos and violent clashes between protesters and Iraq's security forces within a few days. Among the protesters' demands were basic services, the right to work and an end to corruption. The protests — which were concentrated in Baghdad and the southern regions of Iraq, and had no effect on the Kurdish region in the north of the country — have now ceased more or less, but resulted in more than a hundred deaths and over 6,000 wounded. The (...)

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